First and Orignal Official "Cop Group"

Your Ultimate One Stop Shop to improving your bot setups while having fun!

Offering services for practice drops, challenges, events, guides, one on one support combined with fun games, challenges and competitions to win prizes.

BTH is a unique and creative way to utilize your bots and learn all of the secrets to succesfully cop every drop!

Benefits of Bring the heat

  • Exclusive Access

    Access to the discord is on an exclusive membership invitation only basis

  • Ultimate Copping Tool

    Learn all of the things you need to be succesful. All of the information that you need will be provided in detail while using hands on

  • Daily Drops and Fun Competition

    You will have access to competing for drops daily and there will be many different challenges and events!


What is BTH?

WHAT IS BTH?  BTH is a organization geared to help you increase your knowledge and use of your bots through fun and unique challenges.  It is a playground, testing, ground, informaiton center, competition field and more.  There are practice products and drops on a daily/weekly basis that you can participate in.  This is a fun and informative community that you can gain a lot of informaiton.  Wether you are new and just starting out...or have a great setup that you want to improve, or just want to have fun and compete and win prizea...this is the place for you!

How much is monthly subscription?

Discord access will be free to all members!

Am I charged for the items that I cop?

There will be no charge for these items and are priced at zero dollars.

Can I win Prizes ?

Yes.  You will have a chance to win many different prizes on a daily/weekly basis.